We first met Nikolay Skvortsov during Parkan II project. The game itself is multifacated, it combines several genres, and the music was supposed to be adaptive, tied to the context. All game tracks (320 in total) are divided into 9 characteristic locations and belong to one of three types of emotions. Nikolay managed his task fully. Although it may seem that there is an abundant offer on the market, it is quite hard to find a really talented composer able to creatively implement all of the developer’s requirements hereby elevating the game music to a new level.

Andrew Tyagunoff, Commercial Director

Nikolay Skvortsov created the original score for the project 'Freight Tycoon Inc.', that is, 21 tracks and the trailer music. The game is a 3D freiht company management simulator, made in a state-of-the art economic strategy genre. We were trying to make the game as comfortable as possible, both aesthetically and functionally. Therefore, Nikolay's taks was not easy - on the one hand, the mucis was supposed to make an impact, but, on the other, to fit naturally with the game process. Nikolay sucessfully managed this task. He rendered the exact mood that we wanted, paid attentioon to every little detail and actually reinforced the overall game impression. We are really greatful to him for the wonerful job and are looking forward to cooperation on future projects.

Alexey Maliy, Development Director

DOM 3 is a virtual city for glamorous young people with its streets, parks, night clubs, restaurants and shops. Nikolay's theme scores intensify the unique atmosphere of its disctinct locations. At the same time, the music, despite all diversity, does not divert players attention, but instead extends and enriches the overall emotional impact. Based on my experience of working with Nikolay, I would be happy to recommend him as a reliable and talented partner for the most serious projects.

Maxim Polyakov, Executive Producer

Music. The only thing that puts you up with being in the space, and, actually, in Parkan itself. The music is stunning, indeed. And it is so abundant, you can never have enough. The genre is classical when it is calm and a kind of rock in the battlefield situations.

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